help with increases pattern

Hi have a pattern that reads " You will now begin the increases for the gusset on each side of the two st in the front middle, and the two st in the back middle. Work the next round like this: k1,yo (pm),work 55 st in the set pattern, (pm) yo,k2,yo (pm) work 55 in the set pattern, (pm) yo, k1. worth the yo tbl on the following round. work 1 round without increases. Continue these two increase rounds until you have increased a total of 6 times and you have increased a total of 24 st.

I added the (pm) to the pattern myself to help me see the increases. My question is as the increase area increases by additional stitches, am I moving the markers to begin the next 55 stitches? Do I just continue the increases between the pm markers and just knit until I reach the marker for the next 55 stitches?

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It seems like it would be better to place the marker between the 2 front and the 2 back sts so that the increases would be one stitch before and one stitch after the markers but I’m not sure where this is going. The stitch count between markers would then change with each increase row.

What is the pattern name and what are you making? Even seeing a photo will help.

the pattern is called falling leaves pants, I bought it from ravelry. Thanks

Yes, the increases grow on either side of the 2 center sts. So the number of sts between increases will vary but the yarn overs will always be one stitch before the marker and one stitch after the marker if you place your marker between the 2 center sts. Do this for both the front and the back.
Cute pattern!

Wow, thanks for looking and for the help.