Help with increases in k1p1 ribbing on cardigan neckband

I’m having trouble visualizing how to handle a pattern instruction that deals with increasing a k1p1 cardigan neckband that is done simultaneously with the button/buttonhole bands.

I’m working on this pattern and am making it as a v-neck cardigan. The pattern instructions are as follows:

Button bands and neck trim (v-neck cardigan only)
Using the smaller needle and with RS of right front facing, pick up and knit 97 sts along right center front edge, PM, pick up and knit 37 sts along right side front neck, 37 back neck sts, 37 sts along left side front neck, PM, and pick up and knit 97 sts along left center front edge. [305 sts]
Turn and work rib as follows:
R1 (WS): [k1, p1] repeat to last st, k1
R2 (RS): [p1, k1 tbl] repeat to last st, p1
Repeat these 2 rows once, then work R1 once more.
AT THE SAME TIME, on each RS row, increase 1 st in pattern on the “neckline” side of each marker.
Next row (RS): work R2, inserting a 3-st/one-row buttonhole to correspond to each placed marker.
Repeat R1 and R2 twice more, then work R1 one fi nal time, binding off all sts neatly in rib pattern.

I know how to do increases when they are placed at the beginning or ending of a piece but this situation stumps me because the increases are happening basically in the middle of a row since the rows start at the bottom of the right front and end at the bottom of the left front, with the increases occurring in the center section of the row at the beginning and end of the neckband section.

If I were increasing at the beginning and end of a row on a piece like a sleeve, I would just increase as follows: kpkpkpkpkpkpkp would become pkpkpkpkpkpkpkpk. But with this pattern, there is already a k1p1 pattern in place before and after where I have to place the increases.

Since there is an odd number of stitches on the button bands (97), I’m going to end the buttonband on a knit stitch and start the neckband stitches with a purl stitch. No matter how I look at it, I’m going to end up with either two knit stitches together or two purl stitches together.

Can someone explain how to make these increases within the neckband section and keep the k1p1 ribbing pattern in place? I’m going to be adding a total of 10 stitches and that is significant enough to be noticeable if I screw it up. Also, what is the best type of increase to use in this situation?

You can increase as a purl stitch on the RS row and it won’t be so noticeable. It’ll fall into the purl ditch. Then on the next RS row, increase as a knit stitch and you’ll be back in pattern, k1p1. You can see that there is going to be a slight break in the pattern in the middle photo on this project but it looks fine.
You could use a M1 on the strand between two sts if you like.