Help with increase

When I finished my SnB “Newsboy Cap”, I realized that I did the increases for the visor wrong and I wound up with eyelet-like holes where the increases are. Now according to Sally Melville, as long as the design is done in three places (because once is a mistake, twice is a problem, and three times or more is a design), so maybe I’m okay! :rofl: Seriously, it doesn’t look too terrible because first of all, it was a “practice” hat to see if I could do the pattern, and secondly, the eyelets are symmetrical to each other and looks kind of deliberate; thirdly, the yarn I used is kind of “busy” and I think detracts a bit from the holes, but I know it’s not right.

The increase that I used was a bar increase–you know, where you take the yarn between the two stitches and knit it? Well, not realizing until after visiting Amy’s pages on increases and decreases that this will cause a small decorative hole like a yarn-over increase does :wall: , so my question is, what kind of increase is practically invisible? When patterns tell you to “make an increase”, what kind of increase do you usually make?

I’m sure you will get some more knowledgeable replies… but one increase I use when I don’t want a hole is backward loop. Amy has a video of it.

I thought that when you lifted the bar between the two stitches and knitted into the back of it, it was pretty much invisible - shows what I know!

I thought so too, so imagine my surprise to see that it wasn’t! I think I must’ve tried this increase on something that used pretty bulky yarn, because I don’t remember seeing holes. But I know now for next time. I’ll check out Amy’s video you recommended, too–thanks!

I think it is pretty invisible if you knit into the back but I am a backwards loop kinda girl too… I also like kfb but i am not sure i would say it is invisible really.

You know what? I was naming the increase that I did incorrectly. According to Amy’s increase page, she calls what I did a “decorative increase”. But now I have some great new techniques to try–thanks everybody!

If you knit into the front part of the lifted bar, you get a hole. If you knit into the small back loop, you shouldn’t see anything. That is, if you put your left point under the bar from front to back.

It can be, but only if you put a twist in the stitch. If you just lift and knit, it makes a hole.