Help with Increase

Hi, I have a pattern with 84 sts cast on and 32 rows of 2k,2p.
Next instruction says : Inc. 18sts = 102 sts
It doesn’t explain where I have to do the increase of sts, do I just randomly increase a stitch until I’ve done 18 ?
Thanks, Jenny

If your pattern does not say where the increases need to be then they will be spread out equally across the row .
Here’s a knitting calculator which is really useful

The resulting row instruction uses a M1 increase which does not use up a stitch. There may be an increase tip or instruction in the notes of your pattern telling you what sort of increase to use. If not then the M1 will be fine.

I hope this helps

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Thank you very much, the calculator helps a lot.
The increase is ‘knit 1 st below’ so I’ll do that where it says M1


Yes that will work as a direct swap for the M1 on the calculator.
Remember the M1 or knit 1 below does not use up a stitch. When you work the stitch above, on the needle, that counts as 1 st out of say a k4.