Help with increase video, please

Hi and thank you for all the welcomes to the site, I now have a question I hope I can phrase for you to understand.
The video for “pink” increases, M1L and M1R, I’m increasing on the 3rd and 6th row of a cardigan sweater.

When you look at the illustration (not the video) the inc. M1L is pictured on the right, and M1R is pictured on the left. Does that mean the inc. will go in that direction, which is fine if that’s the case??? That’s the way I did it on the first row of increasing, hopefully, I’m doing it right…lol
:doh: ooy vay

I think the videos are a blessing, thank you so much for answers.

try amy’s this site :cheering:

You would do the M1L on the right side of your work to make the increase slant to the left, and the M1R on the left side so the increase slants to the right.