Help with incomplete stitch

Judging from the picture in my knitting book, I believe I have an incomplete stitch, however, I am not sure I have corrected it properly and I can’t seem to find a video of the “how-to”. Can anyone help? :zombie: Thanks!

Hi Joyful!

Hmmm…your question is incomplete.

We need more information.

How 'bout posting a photo of your stitch? How about giving us some information from the pattern? I know we can help…but we don’t know what to help you with.

Sorry, I was up late! :slight_smile:

It looked just like this:

I tried to follow the instructions, I just wanted to be sure I worked it properly, but needed to see it as it is worked. I was wondering if there is a video of an incomplete stitch being worked.

Hmmm, no video that I know of, but I do that a lot when I try to knit without watching. To fix it, I simply wait until it comes around again, then lift the stitch that looks “long” over what looks like a yarn over, and, viola, complete stitch!