Help with inc sts on sleeves

Hi Knitters,
I wonder if someone could tell me ‘how and where’ to add in extra sts in the sleeve pattern as I’m confused! The pattern is as follows:

1st row: K4, p2 k6, p2
2nd row: p1, k2 p6, k2 p3
3rd row: k1, M1, k1, p2 k6, p2 k1, M1, k1
4th row: p4, k2 p6, k2 p2
5th row: k1, p2 k6, p2 k5
6th row: p to end
These rows form the pattern. Rep patt and AT THE SAME TIME working extra sts into pattern, inc one st each end of every 8th row from last inc until there are 46 sts.
Question: So how and which rows do I add in these 'extra ’ sts since Row 3 is already an M1 row at each end. Help would be much appreciated.
Thanks Sharee

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Work the increase as shown in row 3. From then on the inc will be on rows 11,19,27,35,43,51, etc. Don’t continue the increase on the 3rd pattern row but place the increases one stitch in from each edge.

You can work the increase as a M1 knit or M1 purl or you can use a M1 knit and then incorporate the stitch into the pattern as a knit or purl on the next row.

What is the name of your pattern?

Thanks salmonmac for your reply, much appreciated!!
The pattern is Shepherd 1815 - textured crew neck sweater and buttoned cardigan.

Maybe this one, adorable!