Help with icod loop

I am making some facecloths for DD and would like to have a loop on the corner so she can hang it in the shower. Would I make icord and attach it later or is there some way to do the icord attached at least on the one end? Sorry if it’s a silly question, I am pretty new at this. Any suggestions appreciated!

I’m not sure what type of facecloth you’re making, but if you’re doing one of the ones knit from corner to corner, i.e. start with three stitches then increase to desired size, the decrease back to 3 stitches, you could just leave a loop at the end and tie it off.

Those are the kind I am doing, but I wanted the loop to be a bit stronger. Thanks

When you BO and you get to the last 2 stitches, just stitch up a couple inches of icord with those, then pick up a stitch or two in the corner to reattach the loop and finish the BO.

scroll halfway down that page for a cloth with hanger pattern- saw them on ravelry and plan to make some myself soon. hope it helps.