Help with Hubby Hat

Hello experienced knitters! I am a relatively new knitter and I am trying to make a hat for my husband. This is the pattern he likes:

Here is my problem…We went to the local knitting shop and I showed them the pattern and they pointed me in the direction of this yarn:

Both the pattern and the yarn label say that I should be knitting 5.5 stitches per inch on size 6 needles…but I am knitting about 8-9 stitches per inch on size 6 DPNS (in K2 P2 pattern). I really like the look that I am achieving, so I do not want to go up in yarn weight or needle size. In fact, I tried using 8’s and felt it was too open.

So my question is…can I adjust the pattern to fit my knitting, and if so, how? I measured hubby’s head at 22.75 inches, so by my calculations 22.75 inches x 8 stitches = 182 stitches needed for cast on? Can this possibly be right? That is more than double what the pattern calls for (88). Am I biting off more than I can chew?


I [B][U]think [/U][/B]if you divide 88 by 5.5 you would only get a 16 inch hat …
I [B][U]think[/U][/B] the hat calculator that Jan recomends, which I can’t find right now, says make the hat 2 inches less than the head …
I [B][U]know[/U][/B] there will be a big difference in the size between 8 stitches and 9 stitches per inch … especially if you are casting on 182 stitches.
Ribbing is really stretchy.
What a cool husband hat pattern !
As you can see, I have no answers, just observations… but I know some amazing yarn/knitting/math wizards on KH will come to your rescue :slight_smile:

Your math would have a hat that fit loosely without opening the ribbing at all, no negative ease. I like loose hats but that would blow off in a strong wind.

The pattern doesn’t say what size it is, only “adult or child”. There is no way that hat would fit on my 24" head.

I would figure 21" for the hat to fit that head. 168 stitches. That would also work out for the 2x2 ribbing because it divides by 4.
Knit a few inches and try it on, with DPNs you probably have to knit almost to the decreases to get an idea if it will fit.

Once you change the stitch count you’re also going to have to change the decreases, so that whole pattern may as well be thrown out the window for everything but the color and 2x2 ribbing.
Use this,

You may have a problem with the cast on being too tight. What I do is cast on too many and decrease the first round. Cast on 252 stitches and decrease every other stitch while working in pattern, K1, K2tog, P1, P2tog.

Stupid yarn store. They sold you a DK yarn which is thinner than worsted. I guess they were going by the needles used in the pattern which are smaller than you’d knit a worsted with in order for it to be denser. It’s a lot thinner or you knit very tight to get 8 sts/inch.

I’d take the yarn back to them and ask to exchange for a worsted weight. Highlight that in the pattern and tell them that’s what’s needed. Never mind that you’ve used a little of it, it was their mistake.

If you decide to live with it, you need to subtract 2" from your husband’s head measurement or it will be too big. Hats are knit a little smaller than actual head size so they stay on; they stretch a lot, especially a ribbed hat. About 164 or 168 sts would work, the decreases will be okay except you may need to put a couple more rib rounds between the dec rounds. And after you’ve knit about 4 inches in the round, measure it again. I see the gauge is over unstretched rib pattern; it’s tricky to measure ribbing.

Thanks for all your replies.

Mike: Thanks for the link; this website is most helpful!

I am starting to put 2 and 2 together, so to speak. I think I will try with 168, and see where that gets me.

I’m sure I will be back to ask more questions as I get into the decreases.

Thanks again!