Help with hood

Working on the hood and need some help visualizing with this pattern:

"K to 2 sts before marker, ssk, pm, k2tog, k to end.
Repeat every other RS row 2 more times, then every RS row 7 times. (74 sts)

Use 3 needle BO to seam hood halves together, or kitchener st to graft together."

SSK = slip slip knit right? I watched the video and saw how to slip slip and then knit the two together. What I don’t understand is what the SSK does for the shaping of the hood. It will probably make more sense once I actually do this, but I am trying to visualize how this will look.


The SSK on one side of the marker, and the K2tog on the other side of the marker just make it look a little neater because one decrease slants to the left and one slants to the right. The purpose of doing these decreases is to shape the tip of the hood so that it doesn’t end up completely pointy, it will have a bit more of a rounded top.