Help with hood pattern

Hello! I hope someone can help me interpret this. I am working on the hood part of the sweater, here are the written instructions:

HOOD (worked sideways) With larger needles, cast on 21 sts. 1st row: (RS). K2. Work 1st row Panel Pat. K2. P2. 2nd row: K2. P2. Work 2nd row Panel Pat. P2. These 2 rows form pat. Panel Pat is now in position. Work 1 row even in pat.
Shape neck edge of Hood: Keeping cont of pat, cast on 4 sts beg next and every following alt row until there are 53 sts, taking inc sts into reverse stocking st. Work 1 row even in pat. Cast on 5 sts beg next row. 58 sts. Place first marker at beg of last row.
Cont even in pat until work from first marker measures 11" [28 cm], ending with a WS row.
Shape back of Hood: Next row: Pat to last 4 sts. Turn. Next row: Pat to end of row. Rep last 2 rows 4 times more. Next row: Pat across all sts. Place second marker at end of last row.

I’m at the “Shape back of Hood” where it says to knit to last 4 and then turn. I don’t understand if it’s telling me to leave those four stitches unworked on the right side, turn the work and start the next wrong side row, or am I supposed to turn the work and work only those four stitches for the next 8 rows, like short rows? I’m having a hard time visualizing how it’s supposed to be and the pattern doesn’t include a schematic for the hood. Please help!

Yes, it’s saying to work to the last 4 sts and turn, leaving the last 4 sts unworked. These are short rows to add extra shaping to the back of the hood.
I’m having a hard time envisioning this myself. Can you give us a pattern link or a pattern name, please?

Yes, should have posted it earlier, sorry. It is otherwise a great pattern, turning out gorgeous!

I’m also confused about whether I should use those initial four unstitched for the last four in the subsequent rows, or if I should keep adding four unworked stitches on each row. That would create a staggered effect, I’m a little lost, lol.

A hood is much like the heel of a sock. You are decreasing on the rows that say “k to last four STS and turn.”

Oh, lovely sweater! I do love cables.
Turn at the same last 4 sts on each of the right side rows. You’re leaving the same last 4 sts unworked for 5 RS rows total. This will shape the top, back of the hood.
I see your question and it isn’t very clear in the pattern but looking at the projects on Ravlery and considering the shape, it’s the same place at the back. It seems to me the you should do some short row technique, w&t, double stitch (German short rows) etc. to avoid a hole here.

Thank you so much for your time salmonmac, it’s very much appreciated! I finished the hood last night using the method you described. Just one more sleeve and I’m done!

I’ve been afraid of socks, they’re my last frontier in knitting, lol.