help with holes - german short rows with 1x1 twisted rib

my preferred method of ribbing is twisted ribbing, especially 1x1 twisted ribbing for hat brims. but when i try to do german short rows in it, to increase the height of the brim in front, i end up with small, but still noticable, holes where my turns and GSR stitches are. i’ve made sure i’m working the correct versions of the stitches on the backside (regular knits for the backs of purls, and purls through the back loop for knits through the back loop… i haven’t noticed this issue with regular ribbing, so is this just because of the combination of twisted rib and GSRs? is there a better short row technique to use in twisted rib? any help, ideas, suggestions, etc are appreciated.

thanks much, 'topher

I just tried it. Twisted rib is tiring on my hands. Looks nice but is hard for me to work. Anyhow, I think the hole is something to do with the nature of twisted stitches and the pulling of the twisted stitch to make a double stitch. I don’t see a solution for working GSR but would try other methods, maybe shadow wraps aka twin stitches. I have achy hands now so leave you with my (un)holesome results but no further experimentation.

you’re a peach to try… i think it’s possible to close them up… with a
mix of regular stitches or twisted stitches, depending on if it’s a GSR
knit or GSR purl to begin with. but i’m still holding out for a definitive,
EZ-type answer :grinning:

I’m the pit in the peach, dear. Flattery will get you…well I might look at this problem again later today in fact.