Help with Hat Pattern

Hello all… with this hat pattern I got it says:

  • K14, k2tog* repeat till end of row
    K across
  • K13, k2tog* … etc
    I understand this is a decrease and I am doing these on Circular needles… butr what happens when I Get down to like 40 stiches or so… this circular needle isn’t going to work…

I assume then , I have to use 2 for the “small” circular knitting… but how do I do that…

I’ve watched the videos… but still a little… unsure

You also have a choice of using double pointed needles for small circular knitting. I would choose them over 2 circs.

But to do with two circs, you need two sets of the same size needle – the cords can be different lengths. You would put half the stitches on one set and half on the other with the needles that have the stitches on them parallel. Lets say that the left one is red and the right one is blue (for purposes of explaining). And you want to knit the stitches from the red needle. You would use the other end of the red set to knit those. Slide them to the other end of the cable. Then you’ll knit the ones on the blue needle with the other end of the blue needle. Sliding the stitches all the way to the other end of the cables and start all over again.

Hope this helps a little but I fear I didn’t explain it well

OKay … but how do I do that with the work already on the needles… the video show from just starting

I could always try magic loop … nice thing is… I can extend my loop of the cable another good… 28 inches or so… that might be the way to go… :slight_smile:

You just slip the stitches onto the smaller-diameter device of your choosing. OR, you can knit them on, in pattren, from the beginning of the necessary round!

well I don’t want to screw this thing up… after doing 2 days work on it…

Now… I decided that the way the needles are… I could do the magic loop really easy… so I counted half way through… and pulled the cable out… now I have like I dunno 10 " of cable out…

Now… I pull out the right hand needle and start to knit in pattern right…

then when I’m done with the right 39, they would then be on my right needle, Ipull the other half onto the left needle, and the needle outta the right again and continue … correct?

Can’t help you there. I’ve never done Magic Loop but it sounds right. Have you looked at this site:

It’s the one most everyone links to when someone asks about Magic Loop so I’m guessing it’s good.

Thought I would let you all know the ML seemed to be the trick I needed… sooooooo easy… :slight_smile: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

So anyway… I’m about 10 rows from completion :slight_smile: !!! :cheering: :cheering:

Will have it online here soon… gonna tkae a little break…