Help with hat pattern

I bit off more then I could chew and thought I could knit a hat without a pattern after not knitting for yearsssss. Started a k1 p1 130 cast on hat and am ready to decrease but can’t figure it out. Advice on how decrease to keep the rib or patterns anyone know of I can follow to finish? Thanks everyone ! Xx

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I’d try 5 lines of centred double decreases, maybe decreasing every third round to start with.

Start the CDD when the next stitch is a purl rib.

This will give you 5 straight spokes, each growing from a knit rib.

I know this is no help now (sorry) but when making a hat it is a good idea to choose a stitch count divisible by 4.

You could also make 5 spiral effect spokes. These are done with k2tog when the next stitch on your left needle is a knit rib. I’d do these every other round.

P.S. The number of spokes you can have (without disrupting a rib pattern) is determined by the factors of the stitch count of the hat. So if you choose a stitch count with plenty of small factors, you’ll have a good choice of spoke numbers when you get to the top of the hat.

Then there’s the decrease rate. A slower decrease rate (i.e. fewer spokes or more rounds between decreases) gives a pointier top. A higher decrease rate (i.e. more spokes or fewer rounds between decreases) gives a flatter top.

You can vary the decrease rate e.g. start by decreasing every third round, then decrease every second or even every round when you get towards the crown.

Hope that helps!