Help with hands

I have a couple of patterns with the same hands and fingers but just can’t do. It ends up all twisted. The instructions are very confusing. Does anyone know of a site with pictures as i need to follow the picture?

I’m not sure I’d be able to help with finding a tutorial. I think you’ve posted a lot of the pattern which could result in copyright problems. A link to the pattern if possible would be best. If you can’t link to it, what is the exact name of the pattern and the designer?

Someone who is much better at these thing than I am will surely be able to help you.

Thanks for pointing that out. Have now deleted the actual pattern

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Are these hands on a doll or figure or hands on gloves? Can you tell us the pattern name?
Thank you for deleting the pattern. We do risk copyright problems when too much of a pattern is posted.

They are on a doll. Alan Dart; Mermaid. Have never done hands on a doll before and am seriously considering just threading a needle tgrough the stitches and fastening off. Have had 5 goes so far

I know the feeling. Where in the pattern does it seem to be going wrong? Have you gotten past the pinkie? the ring finger?

ETA, I found these notes and a reply from Alan Dart that might help in regard to the hands.

As soon as i get to the fingers. I just can’t get them in the right position they are all over the place and some are thin some are fat

Yes this is how i increase

The fingers all seem to be 6sts. Once the thumbs are finished, the rest of the fingers start at the middle of the sts on the needle with the pinky. Does that much work out ok?
Would it help to post a photo of what you have so far?

None of it works out. Have just found a link at the bottom of one of his pattern pages for hands. Will see if i can follow it

I hope you can get this to work for you. I remember a friend struggling with hands on a gargoyle. She finally got it and was thrilled. I have no idea if they were done in a similar way though.

Yey i followed the instructions for hands on his site. It has pictures as well. I did it. Was so angry before. Thank you everyone.


Good for you for persisting! We’d love to see a photo of the finished mermaid.