Help with graph

It says to work 5 st-rep 15 times (does this mean 15 times for row 1?),end with st 8. On chart 1 which is the smallest one.So do I go to st 9?OR stop at 8? I don’t know if I’m doing this rep right because the pattern doesn’t look like the picture.I’m doing sts 1 2 3 4§ 5 6 7 8 then reping 1 2 3 4§ 5 6 7 8 all on row 1

and on chart 3 rows 7 & 8 are on the same side? Shouldn’t 8 be on the left side?
hope I’m not to confusing

What you should do is kkkpk, 15 times and after the last repeat k3.

Once you get going, it’ll probably be easier to count it in your head as
kkkp, kkkkp, kkkkp, etc, but when you get to the last 4 stitches, they’ll be all k. (Ignore this paragraph if it’s confusing. It’s just the way I think.)

I see chart 3 as a typo.

No wonder my pattern is nuts I was kkkpkkkk kkkpkkkk kkkpkkkk
Dinks,why can’t they just say it on last rep go to st 8
Thanks again Ingrid :cheering: