Help with going from one part of a project to another without cutting yarn

Well, I’m almost through with my new baby’s cute sleeper. I’ll post the part of the pattern I’m working on, and here you have 2 pictures of what it should look like and what I’ve done so far.

There was a note at the beginning that said, [B]“This is worked on in one piece to armhole, then divided to work fronts and back separately.”[/B] There is another note by the picture that says, [B]“Pieces include two edge stitches. Dashed lines indicated continuous rounds.”[/B]

So here’s the pattern (I finished much of the beginning (BODY) that I don’t think has much to do with what we’re doing here):

Leaving all sts on circular needle, work even on 32 sts until Back measures approximately 4 1/2" (11.5 cm) from armhole bind-off, ending by working a purl row.

Last 2 Rows: Bind off 7 sts, work across: 18 sts

Slip remaining sts onto st holder.[/B]

I’ve done that so far. Here’s what I’m getting to now:

[B]Right front
With wrong side facing and beginning at underarm, work even on 16 sts until Right Front measures approximately 3" (7.5 cm) from armhole bind-off, ending by working a purl row.[/B]

So… my yarn is at the top pf the back that I finished, and now it wants me to move to a lower part that’s still on the needle. Won’t that leave a string of yarn connnecting them in a most strange way? I’m really not understanding how to get from one part to the other.

You will have to cut the yarn. Leave a tail to weave in later and use the yarn to start the next section. Just start knitting with it and, again, leave a tail to weave in.

[B]Thank you. [/B] It makes sense. I wonder why that part was left out or not written well. I see in the notes it mentions working separately. I guess that’s what that means. Thank you again. I can continue working now, finally! :woohoo:

[SIZE=“1”](It’s my first project and it’s intermediate level. I’m surprised I’ve made it this far. If my baby can wear it one day, I’ll just end up with a big head and think I am the bomb. LOL.)[/SIZE]