Help with gloves

ok so am making fingerless gloves for ds I got the hang of (devil pointed needles LOL:cheering:) right hand done! left glove "work as for right but reversed. " I cant find my way around the block with out getting lost! am I going to do the left glove??!. can some one please tell me real slow so I get it.thanks.

Oh-I don’t know if I can help, but instructions like that are obnoxious! I sympathize.

What pattern are you using? If you can provide a little more information about what the pattern says for the right side, I can try to help decipher what you need to do for the left :slight_smile:

I’ve done mittens and gloves before, once you get the hang of it, you’ll have no problem!

sorry , I didn’t even think about it until I left for work. :doh:here is a link for the pattern, thanks again!.

I’ve made gloves before and the only difference was that the thumb gusset was made on the last needle insead of the first.
For your pattern is’s sayingyou should work untill the last six stitches when you are ready to start the thumb instead of starting it at the beginning of that round.
Let me know if this helps.

I agree with psquidy. In fact, you can knit the thumb gusset on any needle you want… just be sure you arrange the thumb so that it is on the left side of the palm when you start the fingers, instead of the right side (looking at the palm).