Help with gloves - holes!

Hi - I recently purchased a pattern for a pair of gloves, which I tried to make this last week. I’ve made a few pairs of mittens before, which came out great, but this was my first attempt at gloves. I was so disappointed at how they came out!

I followed the pattern very carefully. To avoid the dreaded “ladders,” I swapped the first and last stitches for each finger. I was sure to pull extra tight as I knit around each finger. I even picked up more stitches than the pattern called for. But in the end, there were large holes/gaps between the fingers. I went back after and tried to sew them up from the inside, but they look terrible.

I’d like to try some other gloves at some point, but am wondering if anyone has any tricks/tips for knitting gloves so that they come out as lovely as the photo in the pattern? Your help is appreciated!

I have no idea, but so far, every pattern I’ve followed told me to leave tail yarn between each finger expressly to close holes as part of the finishing. Sorry you’re unhappy with your gloves :hug:

I’ve been working on this too and I feel your pain!! My impression is that you have all the tips/tricks covered already.

The one other thing I’ve noticed in my own work is that sometimes the holes are exaggerated when some nearby stitches are loose while others are tight. So if I loosen the tight ones a bit (which results in tightening the loose ones a bit) just by inserting the needle and jiggling/pulling gently, I can often get the holes to decrease quite a bit (so that using the tails to tighten up where needed does the rest of the job).

Hope this helps!