Help with glove pattern

I am working on a pair of gloves and have hit a brick wall. I am working with 4 dpns, 14 stitches on each one. The thumb is at the beginning of the first needle. This is what the pattern says:

starting with needle on line with the thumb, leave first eight stitches on needle, then slip 32 stitches onto stitch holder or cotton string (I prefer cotton string), leaving remaining 8 “back of hand” stitches on remaining needle.

First Finger
Now, knit first eight stitches (palm of hand), cast on 3 st for gusset, and k remaining 8 st (back side of hand) for first finger. Work 1 to 1.5" in. or to desired length, then change to k 1, p1. (To keep in ribbing pattern, it is necessary to purl together the last two stitches of the first round of
ribbing). Continue in k1, p1 for about 4 rounds, then bind off in rib.

Second Finger
Pick up 7 from back of hand, 3 st from 1st finger gusset, and 8 st from palm of hand, and cast on 3 for gusset. Join, work in round in same manner as for 1st finger. Bind off.

Third Finger
Pick up 6 st from back of hand, 3 from 2nd finger gusset, 7 from palm of hand, and cast on 3 for gusset. Join, work as for 2nd finger.

Little Finger
Use remaining 12 st, pick up 2 from 3rd finger gusset. Work for desired length and bind off.

I’m not sure where to start slipping the 32 stitches. No matter how I look at it, I don’t see where I would have 8 st remaining. Can someone please decipher this for me?

My guess is that you’ll start slipping the 32 stitches at the point at which the tail of your yarn is (the beginning of a row).

The 32 stitches you slip off are the ones that go over the back of your hand–across the knuckles of your pinkie, ring, and middle finger to your first finger (though you’re not quite to that length yet). The 8 stitches you’re leaving are the ones that will make up the first finger (the pointer finger) of the glove.

You will be adding stitches to these 8 to make the gusset, the slanty bit to accomodate your thumb.

Does that help at all?