Help with Getting to the Back section

I am knitting a baby sweater. I just finished the collar section. Now the pattern reads:
BACK: Take over and knitt the 9 st. in left on holder for right shoulder, cast on 30 st., take over and knit the 9 for the left shoulder. Should have 48 st on the needles.

Am I supposed to knit the 9 stitches on right shoulder then cast 30 stitches on using the neckline to pick up the 30 stitches to get to the left shoulder. Then proceed to knit the remaining 9 stiches?

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What is the name of your pattern and the designer please?
As it’s written you would cast on the 30sts as new sts. Do not pick up sts from the neckline. It’ll help us however to know what the sweater looks like.

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The name of the pattern is Pull Gaspard by Les Wouimardis. It is a translated pattern.
If I CO 30 new stitches how do you attach the collar to the back? I am so confused…

Thanks for the pattern name.

If you are starting the back section as in the 5th photo down from this project
then you need to cast on new sts and include those sts across the back.

If you’ve finished the sweater and are adding the collar, it looks like other knitters picked up sts across the back neck.

Thank you so much. I am very happy you sent the Ravelry link. I made a huge mistake and will unravel. It is only the collar. I will be unraveling tonight.
The diagrams are excellent.

Again Thank you,



That’s a really beautiful design. It’s a shame it only goes to age 10 or I might tackle it for my son.
I hope you will post a photo when you’re finished, its so nice to see what people have made.
Good luck with the undoing and redoing on the collar.

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I will post the finished product. I am hoping to get this done before the baby is going into high school…:grin: