Help with generic scarf striping pattern

I got a tip from another posted about a scarf. Here’s the link to a photoof it.

The blogspot comes with a pattern at the bottom. I am not sure I am understanding it correctly and really don’t want to frog it.

Here’s the pattern as supplied by the original knitter from his flickr site.

And, then from his blogspot site

I have 4 balls; two of my main color and one each of color b and color c. Here are my questions:

  1. Am I working from two skeins at once, such as main color and one of the two accent colors, and then alternate the accent color every 2 rows?


  1. The main colorway for 2 rows, then accent yarn 1 for 2 rows, main colorway again, then accent yarn 2 for 2 rows and repeat?

Or something else?

I am getting confused with the 3 colorways, and his initial reference to changing every 3 rows and then saying it’s every 2 rows.

Besides that, I really love the yarn, his finished scarf and can not wait to get going on mine!

It looks to me, looking at the pic’s. like the stripes are 2 rows each.
& I’d say the color sequence would be
Main, CB, Main, CC, Main, CB, Main, CC

The switch between his instructions of 3 rows and then saying he did 2 rows on his blog threw me at first too, but looking at it it really DOES look like 2 rows. I can see what you’re talking about

It makes sense that it’s every two rows instead of the every 3 thing. If it was every three rows then you would have to cut the yarn and join it in again for each stripe, BUT if it’s every two rows, you can carry the yarn up the side for the main color. Makes it a lot easier and less messy.