Help with gauge?

When I knit a gauge it measures different in different areas of the swatch. Any suggestions as to how to know which measurement to use? Also, is regular mohair itchy compared to kid mohair? Which would u use for a shawl?
The gauge is for a sweater. Just wanted an opinion on the yarn for a shawl, so really Ive asked two seperate questions. Sorry for the confusion

Gauge for a shawl isn’t as crucial as for a hat or sweater that has to be a specific size. So as long as you’re close, that would be okay. If you want maybe just average out what you get - if it’s 4 sts/inch in one spot, but 5 in another, call it 4½ spi.

When you make a gauge swatch, be sure to make it larger than the area you’ll be measuring: the edges don’t measure like the “insides” do.

So, for a 4"x4" swatch, knit 5"x5" and measure an inch in from the edges. That way, you have an accurate measurement of how many stitches per inch you’re getting.