Help with gauge




I was looking for some help on doing a gauge. I have only ever really knit things that don’t have to fit before so now I am knitting a baby jumper I’m trying to do a gauge. The pattern says 22 stitches and 22 garter stitch ridges over 4 inches on US 5.
Does that mean 22 stitches in a row and 22 garter ridges vertically (effectively 44 rows as each ridge would be 2 rows)? Or 22 garter ridges in each row?

Also… Should I knit a 4 inch square and count the stitches/ rows and work out from there or do I knit 22 stitches and see what it measures (at the moment on US 5 needles 22 stitches is only 3 inches so guessing I will need bigger needles)

Sorry for the long-winded post. Hope it makes sense.

Thanks in advance, you guys are angels for helping us newbies :kissing_heart:


Yes, 22sts in a row. Measuring vertically, 22 garter ridges in the 4"x4" square.
The best way to work this and measure gauge is to cast on about 28sts and work in garter stitch for a bit more than 4". That way you can measure over the center 4" and not have to take the edge sts into your measurement. The edge sts are always narrower and will throw off your gauge measurement.
And yes, it sounds as if you will have to go up at least a needle size.

Have fun working the baby sweater and let us see a photo when you finish, please.


Thank you so much for the advice Salmonmac I really appreciate it :blush:

This is the jumper I’ll be making and will post a picture once I finish :grin:

Thanks again for being so speedy and helpful in your response (s) you’re all over these boards and always have friendly expert advice! You really are much appreciated!


Thank you kindly. I love this little sweater and have it in my favorites. It’s funny but a friend just started it this past week, too.