Help with gauge, please!

I have known for a while that my gauge is always off. Not in stitches per inch but rows per inch. I normally knit to gauge in stitches but I generally have more rows than called for. I am starting a cardigan from Berroco free patterns.
Here is the link:
My gauge swatch is 15 stitches = 4" but my rows are 20 for 4".
Do I need to do anything to the pattern or do I just knit using the length called for and ignore the row count?
BTW I finished the market tote I had asked for help with before and it turned out great! Thanks!!
Thanks in advance for your help!!

Not many people get both row and stitch gauge, but the sts are the most important to match. You can knit fewer or more rows for the length because it’s generally given as a measurement. Also the gauge given is after blocking and maybe after the sweater’s been worn. So block your swatch and see if it loosens up, then after it’s dry, hang it up for a day to see if it stretches.