Help with gauge math

Hi everyone, I need a little advice. Well, I wear leggings a lot and most of the time I wear a short skirt over them to cover my butt (I’m not a thong kinda girl, and through the thin legging material one could see my, ahem, panty lines.) I haven’t been knitting long, but would like to make my own simple pattern for a short little tube skirt. I would use circular needles, and some simple stitch. My problem is how many stitches to cast on. I know my waist measurement, so depending on the yarn weight do I calculate the stitches per inch and that would tell me? I’ve researched lots of skirt patterns online, but none have really thrilled me, plus I would feel so happy that I actually designed and made it myself! Oh, and right now I’m making a triangular wrap to tie around my waist. I started with one cast on stitch, knitted twice into it, and every row I increase by two stitches. It’s coming along beautifully! So that was easy to figure out on my own, but this skirt thing has me stumped. Thank you for any advice y’all have, I appreciate it.:hug:

You’ve got the right idea for taking measurements and converting to sts/inch to calculate sts cast on. You might use the bare bones of one of the online patterns to help with shaping so that the skirt won’t be too tight at the hips and will still fit at the waist. Of course, knitting is wonderfully stretchy, but still.
I also think you can craft a better shape by knitting bottom up or top down rather than side to side.
Sounds like a wonderful project!

Great advice, salmonac, I see what you mean. I have all these ideas now for a variety of them, and different details too, like adding a ruffle at the bottom and felting them. Knitting is exciting! Thanks for your help. :hug: