Help with garter stitch stripes

I’m having trouble with stripe colors creeping up on one side of my work in garter stitch. I’ve followed a pattern exactly and theirs does not have this problem. I’ve attached two images to illustrate what I’m experiencing. It’s on the left in each photo.

It’s sure to be newbie error! Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice.

are you carrying your contrasting yarn up to the next row? that might be why it’s showing. Your other option would be to cut the yarn at the end of the row and then reattach with the next contrasting row.

Thanks so much for your quick response! I am carrying it up on both sides, though that little “creep up” is only showing on the left (opposite side of where I start the new color).

I’m going to try your suggestion now - thanks much!

Wait a sec…on further thought and inspection, I’m not carrying up on that side. Only changing colors on the opposite.

Ouch! My brain! :wink: Knitting is great exercise for it, huh?

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There are videos that show how to carry yarn up the side. You could look at a few and see if there’s anything that would be useful to you in them. I think yours looks OK.