Help with fish hat

Well in this pattern I am working with 4 double pointed needles. And it is my first time with them. It says :

[I]Row 1 (rs): k27, w&t.[/I]

W&t means: Wrap and turn. Bring yarn to front of work between needles, slip next st to right-hand needle, bring yarn around this st to back of work, slip st back to left-hand needle, turn work to begin working back in the other direction.

I don’t get it really what to do.:?? :eyes: :shrug:

Heres the pattern:

What the heck? Do you get some sort of stitch if you follow each step as it says? I’m trying visualize it. If you did wrap the yarn around again, it would then go with the stitch when you put it back on the LH needle, is that right? Then if you did turn the work, the yarn would be on the working needle again or the RH needle.

Wow…I don’t think I was any help, just trying to visualize the steps in my mind. I wonder if there is an easier way with less steps?

I forgot to add, that is a super cute hat!

Wrap and turn is wrapping yarn around a single stitch and turning to work back over stitches you just knit. It’s done in short rows for shaping and there’s a knitty article on how to do it - with pictures - Short rows

[COLOR=“Green”]Thanx a lot!!:woot: :wink: [/COLOR]

I’m working on this hat too. I just finished the short row part this afternoon. It’s my first time doing short rows, but they are super easy! I tend to get nervous trying something new. I sounded like an idiot though, talking to myself through every step - “okay Laura, wrap, slip, wrap back, slip back and turn”. Thank goodness I was home alone!

I didn’t watch the video that suzeeq posted. I saw one done by Cat Bordhi on Youtube.

Good luck on the hat! I’d can’t wait to see your finished project! What yarn are you using?

[COLOR=“Black”]i’m using red heart black and[/COLOR][COLOR=“Silver”]silverish grayish yarn.[/COLOR]

Wrapping and turning a short row was what brought me to Knitting Help for the first time, and when I googled, I came across the excellent video on this site that demonstrates it: