Help with first sock

New knitter–
Im on my first pair of silver socks-I just did the heel but I think its inside out-all the bumps are on the outside-can I just turn it inside out and go from there?? You guys are all fabulous and love this site :frowning: .

If the whole sock is inside out, finish it that way and then turn it right-side out when you’re done.

You’re knitting it on the inside rather than the outside–it’s just the way you’re holding your needles.

If I’m understanding correctly – did you start the heel flap on a purl row, so the side with the elongated Vs is on the inside instead of the outside? If you haven’t turned the heel yet, (or if you did it inside out as well) and if you did symettrical ribbing up until the heel flap, you should be able to turn it inside out. If not, I’d just frog and re-do the heel flap. It’s pretty quick anyway :wink:

These pics may help u understand why u r knitting inside out :wink: