Help with First Row: (WS) Knit

The pattern I’m reading says First Row: (WS) Knit

The pattern is for a scarf in garter stitch.

What I’m wondering is if the pattern is [I]telling[/I] me my first row is will be considered the wrong side for the rest of the pattern
if it’s trying to give me some other information I’m not understanding.

If someone could make this clear to me I’d be very thankful.

The first row will be on the WS of your work, you have it right. You can put a marker of some sort on that side to be sure you remember which is the WS. A piece of yarn pulled through a stitch, a safety pin, anything you can use will work.

Wonderful! Thanks for the quick reply too!

You’re welcome. When I asked my first question here I was shocked at how quickly I got help.