Help with finishing sweater


Hi I’m just finishing a tank top sweater for my baby nephew (attached pic of how it should look like when finished) but would really appreciate some advice on how to join the front and back and create the neck band

The instructions say:
Arm hole borders (both alike)

  1. Join left shoulder and neck band seam
  2. With RS facing and using 3.25 mm needles, pick up and knit 67 sts evenly all around armhole edge
  3. Starting with 2nd row of 1x1 rib cont as follows: work 8 rows, ending with a rs row
  4. Cast off loosely in rib (on ws)

To make up:
Join side and armhole border seams

My questions are:
For 1 do I just join both shoulder with rs facing upwards ? And I’m not sure how to join the neck band seam ?
For 2 any good videos on how to pick up sts evenly ? Also for the back I’ve not cast off as it said to put the 30 sts on a holder so how does that work?
For 3 what does it mean by starting with 2nd row ?

Sorry for all the questions! Would appreciate any help, hoping to finish ASAP before nephew grows too much!


What is the name of the pattern?
If you’re knitting the edging bands on the armholes and neck flat (knitting back and forth) then don’t join all the seams. For the neckband, leave one of the shoulders open. For the armholes, leave the side seam open.
Once the neckband is finished you can join the second shoulder seam and complete that second armhole border. Finally, join the side seams.
Here’s a video for picking up sts that may help:

There are ratios for sts to pick up depending on whether you’re working on a stockinette or garter edge.
You could use a mattress stitch to seam or you could place right sides together and sew a conventional seam.

Consider the pick up row as the first row. Your pattern may give a stitch definition for ribbing with row 1 and row 2. Use the pattern row 2 to start the rib.
There should be directions for the 30sts on hold. Perhaps they’re part of the neckband? I would deal with the neckband first.


Thank you for the detailed reply
I’ve attached pics of the pattern - hope you can see them
It’s the rico cabled v neck sweater and tank top from love knitting


Thanks for the pattern name, very sweet. Join the right shoulder (as you would wear the vest), work the neckband patterning across the 30 held sts, then join the left shoulder seam and work the armhole borders. Finally, seam the sides. All the borders are worked back and forth in rows.

Please delete the pattern scans. The name of the pattern is sufficient. We can’t post large sections of patterns due to copyright problems. You can use the small pencil icon in the lower right of the post to edit and delete.


Sorry to be a nuisance but I’m still stuck at doing the neck band - I’ve attached a pic of the instructions.
I don’t understand what to do with the stitches on the stitch holder (as in how do I pick up stitches if they’re on the holder) and do I do all the parts (left and right side of v neck and back) on one needle as again don’t see how I’ll get the v shape

Thanks again for all your help! image


After you have picked up sts along the right side of the neck, you’re up to the sts on the holder. Youuiuu have the working yarn at the tip of the right hand needle. You can either slip the held sts to another needle or knit the held sts right off the holder. So far you haven’t shaped the V-neck.
Work 1 row and on row 2 you’ll begin the decreases at the point of the V that will shape the neck.


Thank you. I really appreciate all your help and the prompt replies

So I don’t pick up the sts on the holder , just knit them?

And the left side , right side of neck and the back stitches are all on one straight needle?

Thanks again


Work these live sts from the holder in the pattern as established in previous rows. Knit or purl them according to that pattern. You don’t need to pick up sts since these are already live loops on the holder.
As you do that, you should decrease 2 sts. If there are areas of knits or purls near stitch 10 and stitch 20, work a k2tog or p2tog.
You could do this on either a straight needle or a circular. The neck is going to be open at the left shoulder so a straight needle will work. It’s whatever is comfortable for you.


Hi thank you for you continued help
Your instructions were really clear and I’ve got up to the bit where I cast off but even though I have the right amount of stitches at the end (77sts) I don’t have the v neck shape :frowning:
Any ideas where I’ve gone wrong?


It looks correct. You can see how the knitting is buckling on the sides? That’s because the straight needle is forcing it into a line.
If you thread waste yarn through the sts, you’ll see that the neck comes together in a V. If you don’t want to go to the extent of doing that, cast off and you’ll see a nice V neck band which only needs to be joined at the other shoulder.


Thank you so much! I’ve finally finished it and couldn’t do it without all of your help :slight_smile: really appreciate it


That is a darling little vest. Very nicely worked!