Help with finishing off adding a cable to a sleeve

I’m knitting the Baby Soft Cardigan from the Knitter’s Book of Yarn. I’m adding a cable to the plain sleeves, which start at the cuff with a box stitch and go the rest of the way in stockinette. I increased four stitches after the cuff to compensate for the added cable. What do I do at the shoulder end of the sleeve before the bind off - anything? Do I have to decrease two stitches on either side of the cable before the bind-off to get it ready to sew to the shoulder, or do I just leave it?
Please help.

I don’t think the 4 stitches will make a huge difference. Sewing in knitting is pretty forgiving. Don’t try to do all the adjusting in one place, but make up the difference at evenly spaced intervals around the whole sleeve. At least that’s what I would try.

Whoosh…That was fast! Thanks!

I agree with Merigold. Also, when you reach the top of the sleeve, decide if you want to end with the flattest/widest point of the cable or the row after it’s worked/twisted (when it’s the snuggest). Usually you’ll want the row after the twist otherwise it’ll pull wide (esp given the stress at the point).