Help with finishing a blanket

Hi there!

I am new to knitting and have what are probably very simple questions…

I am knitting a blanket which started with a seed stitch border.

As I come to the end of the blanket, to add the border on the bottom I was wondering…do I do it in reverse? (The top was (K1,P1) and then (P1,K1), twice). On the bottom do I start with (P1,K1) or do the same as I did on the top?

Also, does it matter if I end the body with knit or purl before beginning the border?

Thank you so much for your help!

Start it either way as long as you alternate the rows.

I would usually start the border on a knit side row and end it on a purl side row. Does the seed stitch border also go up the sides of the blanket as you are working it? If it does then the seed stitch would start the opposite of the first stitch.