Help with fingerless mitts? Anyone?

I am a BRAND new knitter. I have perfected my knit and purl and I have practiced in the round and I think I have it down. I pulled up the free patterns on this site and I would like to try the fingerless mitts - with just a hole for the thumb (not an actual thumb piece since I think this is easiest). Can anyone help me figure out exactly how to do this? Otherwise I think the pattern looks really simple…just that darn thumb issue! :??

I have been reading the posts in here for quite a while. This site actually taught me how to knit! So I hope that you guys keep up your generosity. You really are helping new knitters like me out there. Thank you.

I haven’t done the mittens, yet anyway, but your best bet may be to follow the pattern as written rather than try to alter it. I think that’s harder. Maybe someone has done this, and they’ll chime in here soon.

If you’re not set on doing it in the round, these are quick and fun and just have a hole for the thumb:

Thank you guys for your help. I actually found out that I will have to switch from circular knitting to straight knitting leaving a hole for the thumb and then switch back to circular knitting. Your little cheaters look much easier than that. I will certainly give those a try if these ones do not work out. Thank you so much for your advice guys.