Help with Fingerless Gloves


I am knitting these gloves and I had a question about finishing.

[FONT=Futura-Condensed][SIZE=2][FONT=Futura-Condensed][SIZE=2][LEFT]“FINISHING: Form 4 finger spaces by sewing loosely between back and front of glove allowing a gap of approximately 1/2”. Overcast or work Blanket st across the 1/2" gap. Repeat the process a total of three times on each glove."

Does anyone have any easy instructions or photo/video of this? Or is it just a matter of finding where your fingers go and sewing? I know how to do the blanket stitch but was wondering if this is a more technical step. Thanks![/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]

I think this is just a simple as you describe: try on the gloves, mark the spaces between fingers and sew. The choice of blanket st or overcast is up to you.
It’s a very cute pattern. Enjoy the mitts.

That’s a really cute set. Couldn’t be easier to separate the fingers. I’m knitting gloves with fingers now and they’re a pain. Your pattern is much simpler but nice.