Help with fingerless gloves!

Hi I’m Hannah, I’m new to this site. For months I have been stuck on a pattern and cannot see to get my head around it. I am making ‘Claudya’ fingerless gloves by Jeni Hewlett. I have completed the thumb and seamed it. However I am stuck on the next part of the pattern where it tells me to pick up 4 sts and knit across the adjacent stitch holder.

I have only been knitting for a few months. I don’t know where I need to pick up 4 or how to continue knitting across the stitch holder so it matches the pattern?

I’ve contacted Jeni who made the pattern but no answer, I hope this makes sense and and help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Welcome to KH!
Pick up the 4 sts at the base of the thumb. It’s an area hidden in your photo but it’s just the other side of the thumb in the photo.

Re-join a new strand of yarn near the base of the thumb. Do this by leaving about a 6 inch tail to weave in later. Pick up the sts like this:

Once you have the 4sts on the needle, you can either put the sts on the holder onto another needle or knit right off the holder using it like the left needle.