Help with finding bulky yarn for scarf

I would like to knit a bulky circular scarf but I’m a begginer and I really don’t know how to find good yarn. Can you suggest some yarns? So I would like bulky yarn for 10mm needles in mustard solid color.

And it would be great if you can tell me where I could buy yarns online?

Thank you.

Do you want wool, synthetic, wool-synthetic blend, or maybe a cotton yarn? There are lots of places online for ordering yarn.

What kind of stores are in your town or near you? Hobby and craft stores or real yarn stores? Check online at or your phone book yellow pages under ‘yarn’ and ‘crafts’.

I would like something cheaper for begining. So the material doesn’t matter if the yarn is thicker, ok priced and color I’m searching for. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately in my town there is only one store with yarn and the selection isn’t the best.

You could start looking here. I was happy with the order I placed with them. For cheap, quick yarn fixes I go to WalMart. Red Heart Super Saver is about as cheap as yarn gets and it’s what I learned with. Good enough to use, cheap enough to toss when I ruined it.

ETA: I think you’ll want worsted weight yarn, which is what the RHSS is. Enjoy!

I’m from small county in Europe so we don’t have WalMart but I will try to find RHSS online.

Any other brand or type of yarn that has mustard bulky/worsted weight yarn?

If you look at knitting warehouse (that link) you’ll get a pretty good idea of which yarns come in which colors. Their prices are better than if you go directly to red heart or lion band sites to order.

[CENTER] [COLOR=“Red”]WARNING: looking at all those yarns can be overwhelming!:passedout: [/COLOR][/CENTER]

You might want to find a retailer that ships from a location nearer to you, the difference in shipping could easily make up for any increase in the yarn price.

Good luck finding what you want and be sure to let us know how it all works out for you. If you need help, this is the place to ask, there are very experienced knitters who can answer just about anything…I’m not one of them, I ask a lot of questions.

:rofl: :rofl:
I know what are you talking about, I was browsing through a few on-line yarn shops and I wanted top buy all the yarns :teehee:

I went through and it has great yarns but unfortunately they don’t ship in Europe. Does anyone knows any on-line shops that do ship in Europe?

I found some suggestions on-line and I really liked Rowan Big Wool, Sirdar Big Softie and Debbie Bliss Como but I can’t find anywhere to buy it. :pout:

You can try Ebay in your area and get what you are looking for that way. That way teh shipping isnt too high and you can usually find the color you want. I sometimes check the sites at the bottom to find other yarn stores on the Ebay page. Good luck!

I found Sirdar Big Softie on ebay. It’s about $10. Is that too much? But it doesn’t have the color I want :frowning:

Colourmart is based in the UK and shipping wouldn’t be too expensive. Do you not have any yarn or crafting shops where you live?

I have one shop but they don’t have what I want. :frowning:
I’ll go and look up Colourmart now, thank you for the tip :wink: