Help with finding a yarn color

Hello fellow knitters,

I’m new to this site. I have a yarn that I must have bought a while ago and don’t know what brand and color it is. I started knitting a hat and realized that It’s not going to be enough and need to buy more of it. It looks like Noro worsted. I cannot find the color on Noro website (as there are hundreds of yarn and colors available). I was wondering if anyone on this forum is able to help me.

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I wonder if you could narrow it down a bit by looking at Noro yarns on online yarn stores. Here’s a search at Webs for Noro. You can look specifically at worsted weight or maybe even bulky in wool or whatever you think the fiber is.

Do you remember where you bought it from? That can sometimes help narrow down the choices.

Lovely colours!

By the way, are you sure it is Noro? I am asking because Noro often has a “thick and thin” effect, and this looks pretty consistent. Just a thought!

Thank you. I have tried a few online yarn shops. But the colors are not quite the same.

I wish I knew the brand. I am guessing that it’s Noro. Also, the store changed ownership a while ago and they don’t have this color.

What other brands are similar to Noro?

Hmm, KnitPicks Chroma, maybe? But that’s only available online. Are you in the USA? I live in Australia so I’m not so familiar with US yarns, I’m afraid.

I just had the thought that your yarn looked less “feral” than Noro usually does :slight_smile:

Since it’s difficult finding the yarn and the exact color what about a complementing solid color in the same weight? You could put in a stripe in the solid and then continue in the multi-color yarn you have so that it wouldn’t look like you’ve run out of yarn.

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I can think of two possible (but not 100% likely) candidates:
Red Heart Unforgettable (can’t see a very close colour match, but it’s a similar type yarn - roving/single ply, that is).
Cygnet Boho Spirit (closest match I could see was Mojo)

Good idea. Thank you.

Thank you for your great suggestions. However, the fabric content does not match. I believe this one is a wool blend.

Ooh, if it’s a blend, could it be Katia Azteca?

(Click on thumbnails below photo for colourway swatches.)