Help with figuring out RS vs WS

Hello !! I’m hoping for some help… I’m making an afghan square called Thermal Pattern…it’s a free pattern and I’m providing the link

This is my question… when I started working the pattern as written, I noticed the ‘wrong side’ was actually the nice pattern side…which left me totally confused. Should I just start over and make the RS the WS and the WS the RS so the square will look the way I like, or am I missing something ?

The nice thing about this pattern is it doesn’t matter. If it’s going to be sewn together with other blocks just choose the side you like best for the RS. If it’s a dishcloth then it really doesn’t matter. No need to start over unless there is some other reason you’re not happy.

Thank You Jan !! I think that’s what I’m going to end up doing…but the OCD in me can’t help wondering if I was doing something wrong, why doesn’t it look like the picture…etc. My mind can go to dark places once those wheels start turning

There are a few reasons it may not look the same and one of them is that you’re doing something incorrectly, biut I can’t determine that offhand. It can also look different based on yarn choice, needle size and your gauge. If you like the way it looks on one side that’s really all that matters though.

What are you making with the square?

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I’m making a 6 x 6 square for a blanket for Elena Nodel (Ravelry designer Anadiomena’s Adventures ) She is battling cancer and has been quite ill for some time, so the members of her group are making squares to put together a blanket for her… a hug of sorts full of prayers and love for her… They just had an auction on items donated (mostly yarn) to help raise funds to help with her medical care.

Oh that’s too bad and a wonderful cause! I’m sure she’ll appreciate it! :slight_smile: