Help with Fetching Thumb (knitting on inside) Yikes!

This is my first cable project and it is looking really good but I was wondering if I could get some advice before I move on to the thumb.
To get the thumb you knitted 7 stitches with waster yarn, then slipped them back on the left and knitted with working yarn. That went fine
To work the thumb
Remove waste yarn and place resulting live sts on two dpn’s…should have 7 below and 6 above…

I practiced this on some scrap yarn knitted in the round in pattern but my issue was that my thumb was backwards…that is it showed the purl side on the outside not the knit stitch it was supposed to be… I read up on it a little and someone advised
"The stitches probably started out reversed when you got them on the needles"

Is that what I did wrong??? And does that mean when I put the stitches on the needle I just put them on the needle wrong???or is there another reason it came out with the wrong side out?
P.S. I stink at frogging and putting the yarn on the needle correctly…
If I used a lifeline to go back in case I mess this up again…sigh would you lifeline all 13 stitches together or the 2 groups separately…i have to pick up some stitches in between…

Thanks for any advice!

It’s possible that you were knitting inside out. You should probably take out the thumb sts and start over, making sure you work on the outside/RS of it.

OH…do you mean that I should be working on the side that is away from the hole…
Have 7 stitches on bottom…hole in between then 6 stitches on top…need to knit 7 stitches then pick up two on side, knit 6 pick up two…then work in round
If that is what you mean, can I still successfully pick up stitches between the two sides?

Thank you for answering!

Yes, you pick up the sts between the top' andbottom’ stitches to fill in any gaps.

My first pair of mitts ever my thumb came out the same way. You have to work so that the thumb develops TOWARD you not away from you . In other words the right side not the wrong side.

Oh, I to frog my first thumbs too!

Make sure the glove is closer to you than the needles, and then knit on the closest needle first. As you create the tube of the thumb, the glove and thumb will be coming toward you.

Thanks everyone for the advice…I just want to make sure I get this right.


It looks like that with the box in the middle being the hole/opening.
Do I knit on the outside side away from the hole or on the inside towards the hole…I now understand that the glove is toward me, that helps:)

Thanks, I feel kind of dumb, just don’t want to get this wrong…I am so close:)