Help with Felting

I am just felting my first object – a large project bag. I have had it in the washer for a couple of cycles and I am very pleased with one exception. The top edges of the bag are sort of bowed out. The bag was knit from the bottom up and actually had some decreases. I expected the bag to be slightly larger on the bottom than around the top. This is not the case.

I have the back in the washer for another short run. I plan to be extra careful not to stretch out the top edge as I shape the bottom. Any other suggestions?

Thanks! Momofthree

Hi momofthree… the only thing I’m wondering is whether you casted off looser on the top of the bag and that is creating the bowing effect? I guess I would do as you said and just be extra careful about shaping the final bag.

Without being of any help, I will say “I feel your pain.”

That was my guess too. When I first learned to do a tote/bag, my stitches were tighter on the bottom. I had this vase look to my bag. Smaller on the bottom, larger on the top. What I did was get it wet again and tug it into shape. It took some muscle, but it worked.

Mine do that too, just a little. Blocking helped to even the shape out.
That was my first as well.

I’ve had the same thing happen. I either follow one of the suggestions offered or go with it and pretend it’s supposed to be that way!

Thanks to all who replied. I know now to be more careful the next time I knit a bag!

For now I have blocked the bag, and that helped a lot. When it came out of the washer I was careful not to tug on the top edge while pulling the bottom part out. I stuffed the bottom part as full as I could with plastic grocery bags and toward the top I sort of rolled the edge in. I think the edge will always look a little loose, but with the bottom rounded out at least things will stay in the bag!

And afterall, this is what I intended for it to look like! :wink: (I liked that suggestion!)

Thanks again! Momofthree