Help with felted slippers

I´m working on this pattern:

and I´m turning the heel. I am repeating the rows:
Slip 1, knit 5, ssk, K1, turn
Slip 1, purl 6, p2tog, p1, turn

when I finish that bit, I end up with a “hole” on one side. Am I doing something wrong?


They probably don’t have you wrap the stitch when you turn (which is supposed to prevent holes) because you’re going to felt them. I don’t think I’d worry about it.

Thanks Ingrid!!! :muah:

It seems to be a pretty substantial hole, but I will “trust the pattern”!!!



And if the hole bothers you, you can sew it closed before felting and no one will ever know.:teehee:

Great minds think alike…:wink: