Help with Felted Clog Bumper

Okay, I remember on the very long felted clog KAL there was mention about the bumper turning up or down and making sure to knit both the same way. Mine have always turned down. For the first time one of my bumpers didn’t turn down - acutally just laid flat. I really like the way it felted, but I don’t know what I did different.

Can someone walk me through which part of the process makes the difference? I always join my sole starting at the heel working left to right. Is it the direction I picked up the stitches? I want to understand this before I start on my next pair so I can be sure they match this time!


**I learned something about the clogs at my class tonight!!!

If you knit the second sole on with a “bumper” it’s important that you knit it the same way on bnoth clogs, otherwise they will turn out funky. If you want the bumper to curl up, you have to attach the second sole and knit the bumper with the sole facing up. If you want it to curl down, knit with the sole down. It didn’t occur to me to do it one way other the other… thankfully I did mine both the same, because there was a chick at my class who did them, but one bumper was curled up and the other was down, and they looked REALLY funky. AND they can’t be fixed after felting, you’d just have to make 2 new clogs, making sure to do 1 up and 1 down, so you have 2 matching pairs

this is what I’m rererring to from the long clog KAL thread, but I still don’t understand :shrug: Anyone? Please?

I sent a PM to KellyK because she’s made a bunch of them. Either Kelly or someone else should be along soon.


Lemme see if I can figure out a way to explain this…

When I make my clogs, I have them sole up, so the opening of the clog where you would put your foot is facing my lap. I start picking up stitches at the toe, then move to the left. Whe we speak of doing it the same way, that means sole up with the foot opening face down (as I do) or doing it with the sole on your lap and the top of the clog looking up at you and starting at the toe and moving left again.

I think with the sole up, it’s easier to see the stitiches, but that’s just me :shrug:

I hope this helps! :hug:

what makes the difference is that stockinette curls. it curls toward the knit stitches. (it rolls toward the purl stitches along the length of a scarf if you’re making a scarf, but that’s a different topic)

if you pick up the stitches with the sole facing you, the knit stitches are on the bottom so the bumper curls down. if you pick up the stitches with the foot facing you, the knits are up so the bumper curls up. I hope that makes sense.

I have no idea how you got the bumper to not curl at all… :shrug: garter stitch maybe?


thank you! I think I get it now. I thought I had done them all with the bottom of the sole facing up, but obviously I did something different on the one that turned out flat.

If I can attach a couple of pics, can you tell me if this is the right direction to pick them up in?

Andrea, I am confused how you could start from the toe :??
Doesn’t the 3NBO have to be starting at the heel?


I’ve made eight (I think) :?? pair now and I always start my 3NBO at the heel too. If I remember correctly, that’s where the working yarn is when you finish Row 7 of the second sole.

I also do the bumper with the soles facing ‘up’, and have always gotten bumpers that curl down.


Yeah, that’s what I meant :oops:

I think you’re doing it right according to your pics! :cheering:

I’ve made several pair and what you’re doing looks right to me too. I’ve never noticed a curling problem although it could have been like that and I just didn’t notice. They certainly all looked fine after felting.