Help with Feathers wool

I’m pretty new to knitting and wanted to try an elongated stitches scarf. When I saw this gorgeously colored feathers-type wool, I thought it would be perfect to try. However, I’m having so much trouble with it! I can barely get past casting on. I can’t keep the stitches straight and organized, let alone tight on the needle. Can anyone give any tips on how to work with this difficult type of wool?

If anyone wants a visual for the type of wool I am using, the best picture I could find was this ebay sale:

Thanks so much!

Novelty yarns are a bit tricky to work with, but at the same time, they’re very forgiving. Since it’s difficult to see the stitches, any mistakes are hidden too! I can only suggest that you go slow, take your time, and don’t panic if you make a mistake… no one will see it anyway! :slight_smile:

I recommend stranding a “smoother” yarn along with a novelty yarn like that. Easier to see the stitches, and the fancy yarn goes a lot further.

I’d find a complimentary/contrasting color of something like Caron Simply Soft to go with a yarn like that. Plus, it produces a unique effect that can be beautiful.

I just picked up some nice easy wool that I’m going to use as a runner, thanks!

feathers yarn is a bit of a mixed blessing really. On the one hand it can be difficult to pick out individual stitches and near impossible to rethread if you drop stitches or have to take off a couple of rows and rethread. However it does hide alot of imperfections which is a plus for a newbie. I think I found it easier to knit with bamboo needles as it “slipped” more on smoother needle materials. Good luck with your project.

Well, I did pick up some new bamboo needles, but the project got put on hold. At the craft store, my friends picked out yarn they wanted for their own scarves! Hopefully I’ll get to this project at some point!