Help with fair isle corrugated ribbing

Hello everyone. Thanks in advance for reading this. I’m doing a fair isle pattern for the first time for some mittens. The pattern is as follows:

rs k2 cc, p2 main
ws k2 main, p2 cc

On my right side, I’m ending up with the contrasting color float going over the front of the other color’s stripe on the rs.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing wrong - the how to videos I’ve looked at have shown knitting on 1 side and purling on the other, not this.

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated!


I’m assuming you are working in the round since you are making mittens. If that is wrong holler. Corrugated ribbing is a little easier in the round anyway. You need to keep both yarns in the back when you are knitting and bring only the yarn you need to purl with forward when you purl then move it right back.

I’m actually knitting on straights, but i applied the logic behind what your advice and it clicked! I needed to move, on the ws row, my yarn in front, and now no more floats on the rs!:thumbsup:

Good! Sometimes those things that should seem obvious, just aren’t in knitting. Anyway they sure aren’t for me.