Help with EZ baby sweater (and basic ?)

Hi everyone!

Haven’t started a new project in a REALLY long time, just trying to get back into the swing and I have 2 questions about the Baby Sweater On Two Needles, Practically Seamless from the Knitter’s Almanac. This is my first time trying to work an E.Z. pattern so I’m a little baffled on a couple things.

  1. You cast on 50 sts and then do inc rows that is just a K2, M1 row every 8 rows or so. My concern is now on my needles, the 30 or so rows (after 2 increase rows) are now sort of C shaped… I don’t yet understand the construction of the sweater (is this the collar?) figured it would come to me as it grew, but I’m concerned that I maybe cast on too tightly and the first few rows are tighter than the others from my jumping back in zeal and that is why it’s making a C shape, but then I’m thinking maybe it’s the increases doing that… help?

  2. After increases are done, buttonholes come in. The pattern merely states, "Change to pattern… and putting in buttonholes (YO, K2tog) about every 8th ridge. That’s it… which side do I put them on and, since I’ve never done a buttonhole, would that be done over the very last 2 stitches or do you use the last or first 4 and do the yo, k2tog, k2 or something?

  3. The last part, "Place remaining 92 sts on the needle, knitting up 4 x 7 sts at the cast-on sleeve sts… clueless… I know where the 92 sts are coming from but what is “knit up 4 x 7”?

I used to find myself quite proficient in reading patterns, don’t know if it’s my time away or just the style of this one, but I am feeling pretty green. :frowning:

Thanks in advance!!!

This is knit top down from the neck, so the increases will give you more sts - you have a lot more than 50 by now.

You put the buttonholes in either side, depends on if it’s for a boy or girl, or it probably doesn’t matter. Or you can leave them out.

‘Knitting up’ is another term for pickup and knit, or just pick up sts. You should have X amount of sts, then cast on 7 for the underarm, I think. Check the pattern for what 4x 7sts means.

Yes, I’m up to 102 sts now, so is that what is causing the arch? I’m just wanting to rule out the too-tight possibility in the cast-on and subsequent several rows before I continue on. The stitches do seem a bit looser as I progressed, so I think I’m going to rip anyway just to be safe and use a different cast-on too.

Thanks so much!

Nooooo! You don’t have to rip it out. It’s not the cast on that’s too tight, it’s the increases making it flare out. If you had this on a circular needle instead of a straight one, you might be able to see the shape a little better.

Oh, no, it really was too tight too. I am on circulars and you could actually clearly see the difference in gauge from the first 8-10 rows than the ones after. I have a habit of doing that when casting on for a new project. I went with a cable cast-on this time and it’s much, much nicer, very happy about it.

ETA: Or wait, did you mean the flare from the increases also gives the appearance of tighter stitches? In that case, oh poop… lol. It does seem looser to me though so far, I guess I’ll find out.

I have another question now. Everything is written in ridges, and I know one ridge of garter is 2 rows, but how do you decide which is the right side and the side to do the increase rows on? From appearance only, I like the odd side better…

Thanks again!!!

Yeah, the flare from the increases would make your cast on edge [I]appear[/I] tight, but they wouldn’t necessarily be tight. But if you like the new CO better, then great.

Whichever side you think looks better is what you can call the RS.