Help with Exeter pattern

I have reached to point to start crown decreases on this ribbed hat. Round 1 pm, work 32 sts in 2x2 ribbing, pm, work 32 sts, pm, work 32 sts, pm, work 16 sts. This marks the beginning of all subsequent rounds.

I just finished the 16 stitches, but this leaves me with another 16 stitches before getting back to the first stitch marker since the pattern has a total of 128 stitches. I am confused. Any help?

Hi, welcome to Knitting Help.

How many stitches do you have on the needles for this round? If you can link to the pattern that is helpful.

Just work in pattern to the beginning of round. You have 4 sets of 32 sts with a marker between each section, but make sure the beg of round marker is a little different than the other ones some how, or pin a safety pin there.

Why do they say “work 16sts” instead of work 32 stitches and you are back to beginning marker to start round 2?

I don’t know. Poorly written?

That’s why I was asking how many stitches you had before. I thought that seemed odd.

If this is your pattern I just saw the answer in the comment section of the pattern on Ravelry.

You are moving the beginning of the round 16 sts so that it is halfway between two markers. This is key because when you switch to dpns or magic loop or two circulars you want the needle change to be halfway between markers too.