Help with entrelac

Dear knitters,

Please help me with this pattern I’m doing.

Picture in link below.

I’ve knitted so much then made a couple of mistakes, pulled out half and knitted again. Now I’m STUCK! Or may be my brain has gone dead from knitting too much of this.

I’m in a bit of a pickle. Can anyone make sense of this? I think I need to do a side triangle now but my yarn is nearer the right needle which suggests that I have to make a square. But I already did that and it wasn’t right. May be I need to break the yarn and do the side triangle and then row of squares… I don’t know…

Thanks for your help.

P.S: I’m making a shrug.


Love the color, Tamar and the entrelac looks great.
It looks to me like you missed doing the side triangle on the previous tier. If you can, leave the yarn attached where it is but start a new strand and work a right leaning side triangle (use the sts on the left needle in the photo). Once you’ve finished that triangle you can continue with the main working yarn on the current tier and work another square.

Thank youuuuuu :muah:

Such quick reply.

I will do that.

Yes, it worked! Thank you salmonmac :heart: