Help with entrelac pattern

I’m doing an entrelac purse from a pattern I purchased at my LYS. I’ve finished my purse bottom and I’ve completed the “first tier base row of trianges.” Now it’s time to move onto the “second tier first row of squares.”

The directions say to
P9 stitches just knitted
Pick up and purl 9 stitches from edge of triange or square below. Slip last stitch picked up to left needled and p2tog. (The second stitch of the p2tog comes from the next grup of 9 on the needle.) Turn. …

I’m a little lost here. I’m working on circs per the instructions. The whole thing is not joined yet, so I’m wondering if I did something wrong. I’m including a photo. I don’t know if it will help you help me, but I’m a little lost on how to start this second tier.

Purl the row you just finished knitting on, then pick up stitches down the edge of the triangles just below the last stitch you purled. Pick them up purlwise, and put the 9th st you picked up on the left needle and purl together with the first stitch that was on the left needle before you slipped the other stitch on to it. Then turn and knit 9 stitches (or sl 1, and k 8, depends what your pattern says).


Thanks, suzeeq. I’ll give this a whirl later today after work! :wink:

I love your color of yarn, what is it? And what is the name of the pattern? I love entrelac and Ive never seen a purse pattern.

I just found a pattern for an entrelac beret. It’s a size it yourself type of pattern, using your head and gauge size.


The yarn is Noro Iro color #47. The pattern is a LYS exclusive called M. P.'s entrelac purse. The purse is really beautiful. I wish they had included a picture with the pattern, but they didn’t - or I would post it for you. This is link to the LYS. I haven’t looked, but maybe they have their patterns available online? I’ll check it out and see.