Help with elann. com linie 116 pattern

hello, I 'm starting a new pattern . it’s at free pattern linie 116.

I have some questions
basic pattern : number of sts multiple of 4 + edge sts. What does that mean ?

1st row and all return rows: edge st, *p1,k2,p1, rep from *, edge st. What does that mean? edge st?
2nd row edge st, *k1, yo, p2 tog k1, rep from *.
4th row: edge s, * k1 p2tog, yo, k1 rep from8>

repeat rowa 1 4 for patt. Where’s row 3?

Thank you for your help :thinking:

The edge stitches are one stitch on each edge that are not included in the stitch pattern. Slip the first one and knit the last one for each row and you’ll get a nice edge.

If you look at the directions for row 1, it says that these directions are also for every return row, so that would be all odd rows.

Thank you for your reply did you see my question re: row 3

Thanks Lori

Row 3 is a return row, so you follow the directions for row 1.

Thank you

Hello again

back :
cast on 78 sts and start basic patt with one return row. When work measures 10 1/4 bind off for armholes …

My question why does it say “with one return row " I am to knit every odd row as a retrun row or does it mean to knit basic pattern , knit 1 time row 1 only wunitl piece measures 10 1/4” and then knit basic pattern knitting rows 1-4?


I just looked at the pattern and you have a Basic Pattern and a Net Pattern.

It looks like you should work row 2 of the basic pattern and one return row, then switch to the Net Pattern until you’re at 10 1/2 inches.

oh my gosh I totally missed that little paragraph.

so I should cast on 78, then slip a sts *k1, yo, p2tog, k1 rep from * knit my last sts
row 2 would be the return row slip a sts p1 k2 p1 knit last sts then

start the net pattern ?

That’s what I get from the pattern.

Thank you :smiley:

hello, after I knit the basic pattern row 2 then the return row 1 then knit net pattern should I still have the 78 sts I casted on with

Thanks Lori

Yes, you’ll have the two edge stitches and 19 repeats of the 4-stitch pattern.

I’m sorry, the 4 sts pattern?

ok, I think I know what the 4 sts are k1,yo,p2tog, k1,

I thought of another question. my 1st row would be row 2 of the basic pattern then row 1 of basic pattern then I go to the net pattern. When would I do row 4 of the basic pattern?

Thank you for your paitience

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Rereading the pattern I realized that you should start the basic pattern with a return row means to do a return row as your first row. :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh:

The should have just SAID to start with row 1!! Would that have been to hard???

The net pattern comes into play for the hood later on.

:pray: I so, so hope I didn’t mess you up!!

Hi there, I only casted on my sts. I was waiting to hear from you becuase I was confused. Thanks for looking at the pattern and making sense of it all.

Thanks Lori :thumbsup: